January came along with the Midlands Championships. A little too early for most, so instructor Michele went up with Melissa, Kaan and their mum. Melissa picked up a silver in tag team and Kaan a bronze in the same event.

In February, many students got ready to compete in the English Championships in March, and for the first time Lewes had 4 tigers enter this national competition!

However, March came, and as you all know, so did lockdown. The tournament was cancelled and as were all lessons! We took it in our stride and set up sessions over Zoom during the whole of March, April and May and some of June. Daniel definitely won the prize of most Zooms attended! He pretty much did every single one and was really helpful in sharing information. Kyon, Flint and Emils were not far behind when attending Zooms. Well done! It is not easy to keep training when things change so much.

In June, we were allowed 5 people outside, so jumped at the chance to do some face to face training. We trained in a field during a heatwave and also got rained on.

In July, Tigers and Juniors (under 16) took part in an online South East Tournament and did so incredibly well! Jemima, Layla, Sophie and Nick all picked up gold. Kaan and Jack picked up a silver and Melissa and Adam got certificates for taking part. From August we were then allowed up to 30 outside so lesson numbers started building again.

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