What are lessons like?

A typical lesson

Aimi stretchBook a free trial lesson with us and just come wearing loose clothing and bring some water. A lot of people like to come with a friend the first time, but many of us have made our closest friends at Tae Kwon Do, as everyone is very welcoming.

Classes typically begin with a warm up and fitness exercises. All exercises are tailored to suit each individual’s ability, so that you can progress at your own pace and be able to join in regardless of your fitness levels. The warm up is always fun and everyone encourages each other. The warm ups are different every lesson and are sometimes done individually, in groups or pairs.

If you want to join to lose weight, this is definitely suitable, and will be done at whichever pace you wish. It’s certainly a lot more fun than joining a gym, with the added benefits of learning a martial art!

The next part of the lesson will generally consist of flexibility work and stretching. Most beginners come to us very inexperienced in this area, so do not worry! The great thing about being a beginner is that your flexibility will improve very easily and quickly, compared to that of an experienced practitioner who has to really push themselves to improve!

The class will then be broken down into various activities, which could be anything from kicking and striking drills on pads, technical work for gradings (belt exams), speed and reflex games, self defence training, knife work, pre arranged sparring, free sparring (no contact and semi-contact). We also practice jumping kicks, take downs, locks and much much more!

As you can see, because there is a great variety of things to cover in the syllabus, Tae Kwon Do lessons are always really interesting and different. You would typically need to attend around 3 to 4 lessons to get a better idea of the things we do.

Some of the benefits of Tae Kwon Do at Lewes

PadworkThe benefits of Tae Kwon Do are numerous. Firstly, your fitness, flexibility and co-ordination will improve. You will also gain a lot of confidence from learning a martial art. Furthermore, kicking and punching is fantastic stress relief! You will meet lots of really nice people, and might even have the opportunity to socialise outside of Tae Kwon Do.

Achieving goals is something that can make anyone’s life more enriched, and Tae Kwon Do is certainly not short of them. You are welcome to just come along and have fun, or you can focus on getting your next belt, or doing well at the next competition or achieving a certain technique. We also have an annual Celebration of Achievement at Christmas where awards are presented to deserving individuals.

Martial Arts are well known for their discipline, and Tae Kwon Do is synonymous with that. Not only is it a great way to instill discipline in children or teenagers, but our clubs have also helped many adults have a more positive lifestyle including even helping people quit smoking!

You will of course learn self defence, and through constant training, these skills can become an excellent tool against violent attacks.