Month: June 2023



We have started 2023 brilliantly with Daisy winning Ladies Yellow Belt Patterns outright at The Midlands Championships and also gained herself a cheeky silver medal in Ladies Lightweight Sparring.


A huge Congratulations to Katie and Chris who travelled to Daventry to take their 3rd and 2nd Dan Gradings respectively. They both absolutely smashed it and passed with flying colours.


Congratulations to Isla who won the Grading Award for the May colour belt grading!


This month a team of 6 students travelled up to Coventry for the TKDI World Championships. Between them, we gained 6 medals, which is an incredible achievement for such a small club at such high level. Some of my students don’t have the luxury of a full time martial arts Dojang but still managed to beat some of the best fighters.

Daisy won Bronze in Cadet Girls Yellow and Green Patterns and Gold in Tag Team Sparring.

Matilda won Silver in Junior Yellow Belt Girls Patterns and Silver in Lightweight Junior Yellow Belt Girls Sparring.

Esther won Silver in Junior Blue Belt Girls Sparring – losing the final by only 1 point.

Hannah won Bronze in Youth Blue Belt Girls Sparring


We took part in the Sussex County Championships, our famous interclub organised by Master Karl James. Croydon, Crawley, Billinghurst, East Grinsted, Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne and Lewes all attended and as usual, we came up trumps!

We won so many medals that it will take me an age to list them all, but here goes from memory! Practically the entire club entered, bar people who were away or couldnt make it.

  • Joshua – GOLD boys patterns
  • Sam – GOLD boys sparring
  • Raj – BRONZE Mens sparring
  • Ayann – BRONZE Boys sparring
  • Zakai – SILVER Boys patterns & Sparring
  • Effie – SILVER Girls patterns & GOLD Synchronised Patterns
  • Amanda – GOLD Synchronised Patterns
  • Matilda – GOLD Girls patterns, Synchronised patterns & Sparring
  • Jayden – BRONZE Boys patterns & Sparring
  • Max – GOLD Boys sparring, Tag Team Sparring & SILVER synchronised patterns
  • Jack – GOLD Boys patterns and Tag Team Sparring, SILVER synchronised patterns & BRONZE sparring
  • Essie – GOLD Girls patterns, sparring, synchronised patterns and tag team sparring
  • Hannah – SILVER Girls patterns, sparring & GOLD in synchronised patterns and tag team sparring
  • Ruby – GOLD Girls patterns, BRONZE sparring, GOLD tag team sparring
  • Isla – BRONZE Girls patterns, SILVER sparring, SILVER tag team
  • Finnegan – BRONZE Mens patterns, BRONZE mens sparring
  • Daisy – GOLD Ladies patterns, SILVER sparring, GOLD synchronised patterns, GOLD tag team sparring
  • Pau – BRONZE Boys patterns, BRONZE Boys sparring, SILVER synchronised patterns
  • Alix – SILVER synchronised patterns
  • Ella – BRONZE ladies patterns, BRONZE sparring, GOLD synchronised patterns, GOLD tag team sparring
  • Paloma – SILVER ladies black belt patterns, BRONZE ladies black belt sparring, SILVER synchronised patterns, GOLD tag team shield
  • Katie – GOLD ladies black velt patterns, sparring, synchronised patterns and tag team shield
  • Barry – SILVER mens black belt patterns, sparring, tag team & GOLD synchronised patterns
  • Dan – BRONZE mens black belt sparring, SILVER tag team sparring