Wow! What an amazing year we have had at Lewes Taekwondo. Here is a roundup of our main events and achievements:

February came with the Midlands Championships in Kettering. Katie got an impressive pattern score in a tough all mixed grade female black belt patterns. She continues to improve every time she competes. Eli won two fights in the huge boys red belt lightweight sparring category. Chloe picked up a bronze in individual sparring and a bronze in tag teams. Melissa picked up the same accolades. Kaan won silver in tag teams. Laurie made the pattern playoffs. Marianne won silver in sparring, as did Mayan. Kristen entered her first competition, winning silver in sparring. Instructor Michele won foot destruction.

March saw students compete at the first national tournament of the year, the English Championships. Katie achieved an impressive bronze in ladies black belt patterns 1st Dan. Eli won a fight. Kristen brought home a gold in tag teams. Mayan won another silver in sparring and Ollie won a fight.

Many students also took a colour belt grading. Special mention to Alex, Lorraine and Zazi who all received A grades. Amelia received the grading award with an A*.

In April, we made the bittersweet decision to close Seaford and open a second class in Lewes instead. Dan was a huge help during this period of transition.

May saw many people attend our squad training sessions to prepare for the Welsh Championships. Ollie won a very impressive silver in sparring and gold in tag team. Jemima collected a gold in tag team. Lorraine a silver in tag team and Alex a bronze in tag team. All 3 students competed in their first pattern competition at a national level.

Many students took part in the June grading with A grades from Melissa, Adam and Sophie. Layla, Amelia and Zazi all received A* with the grading award going to Zazi.

In July, we hosted our inter-club tournament, the Sussex County Championships. We won SO MANY medals, that I will need some other time to get them all down!

September included the BTC Championships where 3 brave students took part in this tournament with multi associations. Eli competed, Mayan collected a silver in sparring and Katie put in another stellar performance winning bronze in black belt ladies patterns 1st Dan.

Well done to Lee, Sophie, Alex, Marianne, Laurie, Zazi and Amelia for receiving A grades. The grading award went to Alex and Layla received another A*.

In October, 5 students took Dan grades. Ollie, Dan, Heather and Chris went for their black belt gradings in Bristol and were successful in their endeavour. Katie took her 2nd Dan with a blinding performance. We also celebrated Hallowe’en in style, with Rowan coming 3rd in patterns in our mini club competition, Layla 2nd and Melissa 1st.

In November, we had a huge 11 entries to the British Championships with amazing results. Well done to Katie, Barry, Alex, Chloe, Emils, Zazi, Amelia, Marianne, Laurie, Mayan and Jemima for competing. Chloe, Emils, Zazi and Mayan all came home with a bronze in sparring. Jemima collected silver and gold in tag team. Amelia won silver in patterns and bronze in sparring and instructor Michele won gold in executive ladies black belt heavyweight sparring.

December’s grading award also went to Lewes, this time for Roxanne. Rachel also got an A*. Zazi, Amelia, Nick and Lee all received A’s and Jemima a ‘plus’ grade. This means that for the first time ever, all grading awards went to Lewes, out of 10 clubs in the South East.

Our Christmas Award Ceremony saw Daniel receiving Adult student of the year for his outstanding commitment to the club and finally receiving his black belt after years of putting it off! Chloe won most improved adult for her improvements in competitions and attitude in general, she is one determined lady! Sebastian won Junior student of the year for his outstanding improvement this year too, he focused incredibly hard on his gradings and did very well in his first tournament! Toby won most improved junior for the sheer change in his attitude to get his blue belt. Well done everyone!

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